My Reflections ....
I reflect upon the memories I have of my first day of school. I remember walking with slow, steady steps toward the front door of the school. Little did I realize I was approaching the next phase in life, traveling hand in hand with a loved one. I had been looking forward to it for so long, and finally, there it was — the first day of school. I began the process of formal education, only to continue on the path of learning that I had begun at birth. I was anxious, yet excited, and a whole new world lay ahead, just waiting to be discovered. In the following years I continued to grow in every way: intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally. But with the commencement of each phase came the same feeling of a fresh start and a new beginning, as I traveled a step or two closer to my, then perceived, goals.
There is a special feeling I get inside when I am about to embark upon a new experience. It is that "first day of school" feeling, replayed over and over through life with only slight variations. Always present is that excitement in my stomach, as I wonder what is about to happen. The odd sensation of doing something completely new and unexpected is sure to accompany me through the earliest stages of every adventure. Symbols of that day bring all of those feelings flooding back to the forefront of my mind. Items as simple as a lunch sack, a backpack or a new pair of tennis shoes remind me of that anticipation. I remember being prepared to start studying with a new pencil and notebook and feeling squeaky clean, wearing that new outfit that was saved for just such a day. As I saw the bus rounding the corner, I anxiously wondered if it would stop for me.
I sense the end of my summer years slipping slowly into the beginning of the autumn of my life. The mornings are starting to get cooler and the sweet scent of the early morning dew clears my mind. This jogs my memory of the fears and thrills from early school days and young adulthood so that I can share them with my family. They will love to hear of my adventures - as each of those experiences mean a great deal and have brought me to where I am today.
My Sentiments ....
All of the "firsts" in life bring about that feeling of anticipation, that giggle you feel inside. That feeling is wonderful motivation to keep striving to experience life's vast opportunities. Relive the best of the past with anniversaries, celebrating your favourite firsts. Try new things, developing talents and interests you may not have known about. Continue on the path of life with a smile in your heart as you experience the successes along with the challenges.
The most wonderful thing about learning is that it can happen at any time in our lives, during any phase. You can always continue to learn and grow, trying new things and expanding your repertoire of experiences. It is possible to have that "first day of school " feeling at any time in life. Never settle for where you are. Always forge ahead into the unknown for what seems to be just beyond your reach. Think about the person you were on your first day of school and remember the determination that has got you where you are today. Just imagine how much farther you can go. Strive for more, and you will become better. One day you will look back and realize how far you've come and be pleased that you have exceeded your wildest dreams.

copyright ай Priscilla Wentz
Annandale, Virginia
August, 2000