Let me begin ....
Apologies, false or true, are expected from the descendants of Empire builders, slave owners persecutors of heretics and men who, in our eyes, just got it wrong. So, with the age of 77 coming up shortly, I have never found much difficulty in apologizing to God or human for my wrong doing, and yet, at the moment, I find it difficult to put into words the necessity for apologizing for these ramshackle memoirs in which not many dates can be found !!!
For the better part of the year I have grumbled at the daily task I had set myself, knowing that, too often, I am scraping the bottom of the barrel of memory.
I would like to thank my darling daughter, Broni, who has encouraged me to continue with a task which I have been very doubtful. If my daughter has shared my doubts, she has managed to conceal the fact successfully and with charm. I would also like to thank the birds outside my window, who constantly reassured me that nothing is desperately important and that the joy of life is just looking at it.

copyright ай Priscilla Wentz
Annandale, Virginia
August, 2000